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Wonderland is a family owned herb, tea and spice store that has been serving the community since 1976.

Classic Wonderland SIgn

Owner Linda Quintana started the business after graduating from Sehome High school. While attending Western Washington University and enrolling in nutrition classes Linda noticed the correlation between food, herbs and healing naturally. Most specifically from her readings on Hippocrates “Let food food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Just as this saying struck a cord for Linda, the standard of highest quality and freshly sourced herbs still makes the highest priority.

When the opportunity arose to purchase a preexisting herb store from a local couple, Linda made the decision to pursue the business opportunity and chase a growing passion. With the decision made, Linda intuitively made the choice to leave Western to depart on what is still a life long journey. Over the years she attended conferences and workshops to broaden her knowledge of herbs and bring her findings back to Bellingham. Throughout the early years she also attended business classes at Whatcom to educate herself as a business woman.

Wonderland developed into a family business as Inge, Linda’s mother aided with bookkeeping, ordering and organizing for more than a decade before her passing. Terra, Linda’s daughter, began shadowing at the business as a running start project while attending high school. After graduation Terra took time to travel the world to broaden her real-world experience from Florida to the Yukon river before returning to her home of the Northwest. Now after years of service at Wonderland Terra has worked her way to become the store manager.


Wonderland Herbs, Tea’s & Spices 1305 Railroad Ave − Bellingham, WA (360) 733-0517